Welcome to the Room of Resonance!

I’m one Hot Tamale, ain’t I?

I’ve been meaning to start blogging regularly for quite a while now, and finally felt motivated enough to start one up. This blog is going to double (triple? Quadruple?) as a personal site, where I’ll upload photos I take, random things I find, and more.

This will be a hobby site primarily, but someday I may decide to start advertising. Perhaps with Google AdSense. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to keep posting interesting things, whether opinion articles or information posts about my life. If anyone wants me to write about something specific, please let me know through the contact form!

I’m also going to create (at some point) a calendar, where I’ll post upcoming events I’m either involved in or promoting. That way you all will be able to look in one spot for my concerts and other happenings!

I’m so excited! It is interesting that I absolutely HATE writing for classes, but writing in an extracurricular fashion is fun. I’m going to have to step up and become more prolific I think! I look forward to using this platform to share my thoughts and my life with everyone. I hope you have at least a fraction as much fun reading my posts as I will have writing them.

For informational purposes:

I am using the latest (always) version of WordPress: v5.1.1

I am starting out with the cheapest hosting option through DigitalOcean, the $5/mo droplet. It would actually be really neat to get enough traffic that I’d have to upgrade! If you are interested in a free $100 credit through DigitalOcean, feel free to use my affiliate link.

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